The Team behind FITAPP 06.03.2018

FITAPP Sports App Becomes a Social Fitness Platform

After reaching 2.5 million downloads, the start-up company based in Graz sets its sights on ever more user interaction[more]

Apple and Cinnamon Tea with Ginger 20.12.2017

Apple and Cinnamon Tea with Ginger

Homemade tea? This festive apple and cinnamon tea with ginger from Lena is quick, easy to make and delicious. This recipe will soon count amongst your Christmas favourites. Just try it![more]

Christmas period 13.12.2017

Fit and healthy throughout the Christmas period

These days, we often associate Christmastime with money, stress and rushing around – but for me, it is still the best time of the year. As a child, those last weeks, days and hours before Christmas count amongst the most special...[more]

Apple and Oat Cookies 02.12.2017

Apple and Oat Cookies

‘Tis the season! In keeping with this festive time of year, lovely Lena from „Ma vie est délicieuse“ has dreamt up these healthy Christmas biscuits. Read on to see the recipe for these delicious and easy-to-bake sugar-free...[more]

Daily movement routine 26.11.2017

Sitting is the new smoking! How to enhance your wellbeing by injecting movement into your daily routine

Scientific studies prove that sitting for too long each day can damage your health just as smoking, excess alcohol or unhealthy eating can. Sitting whilst eating, sitting at school, sitting at work and sitting during your free...[more]

Iceland adventures 08.11.2017

Iceland adventures with FITAPP

Maia translates for us but takes time off to discover the great outdoors whenever she can. Here, she embarked on a home exchange to Iceland to discover what this land of unbridled nature has to offer.[more]

Pea and Goat’s Cheese Risotto with Poached Egg 27.10.2017

Pea and Goat’s Cheese Risotto with Poached Egg

Italian for beginners? Lena’s latest recipe for Pea and Goat’s Cheese Risotto with Poached Egg is a vegetarian sensation. Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family or your friends, this suits all occasions. In just a few...[more]

Running shoes 11.10.2017

A sportsman is only as good as his tools

By far the most important element in sport, especially stamina sports such as running, is having the right shoes. Whether you buy cushioned, neutral, trail running or perhaps even competition shoes depends on how you put them to...[more]

Pumpkin Tagine with Chestnuts 03.10.2017

Pumpkin Tagine with Chestnuts and Pomegranate Seeds

This delicious pumpkin and chestnut dish with enticing pomegranate seeds represents the best of European and North African cuisine. Tagine refers to the pot used in traditional African cooking and also to the meal itself which is...[more]


Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Following in the footsteps of Mallory, Norgay and Hillary, Silvia und René from leave soon to hike from Lukla to Mount Everest Base Camp this September. [more]

Banana and Almond Biscuits 17.09.2017

Banana and Almond Biscuits

They are deliciously perfect for all times of the year, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. Here in Europe, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. What could therefore be better after a strenuous session of sport...[more]

Triglav 06.09.2017

The Highest Peaks of the 7 Alpine Countries

Amazing but true. Ultrarunner and extreme sportsman Andreas Ropin from upper Styria summited the 7 highest peaks of the 7 alpine countries in July 2017. It might not sound astounding at first, but Andreas completed the challenge...[more]

Banana Pancakes 31.08.2017

Super Easy Banana Pancakes

You can enjoy these for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a healthy dessert at any time. The banana pancakes are ideal for a sweet tooth yet they contain no sugar and are low in calories. What’s more, you don’t need many ingredients...[more]

FITAPP fitness trainer Isabella Weingant 24.08.2017

Stay Fit, Healthy and Happy

FITAPP Fitness trainer Isabella explains how she manages to integrate sport and healthy eating in her daily life[more]

Summer Crumble with Berry Ice Cream 11.08.2017

Summer Crumble with Berry Ice Cream

A sweet temptation: Our Summer Crumble with Berry Ice Cream.This sweet, juicy & light dessert can be easily and fast prepared. It tastes delicious, is healthy and perfect for hot summer days.[more]


A sports holiday in the USA - is there such a thing?

Marlene and Christina from FITAPP flew off to discover the east coast of the United States and report to you about which sports they undertook whilst there and about the local attitude to sport. [more]


Summer Rolls with Peanut Dip

It’s as delicious as it looks. If you could try it out, you would really love our Summer Rolls with Peanut Dip.[more]


The ultimate challenge: the Grossglockner Mountain Run

Nestled in between the Grossglockner and the Hoher Sonnblick lies the mountain village of Heiligenblut, a village of significant historic alpine importance, and its imposing church. It is here that nature and trail running lovers...[more]


Super Green Smoothie

A perfect and refreshing Drink for hot days. Fast, easy, healthy and low calories.[more]


Velvety Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

A healthy and tasty homemade ice dessert. Super quick and easy. Try it out yourself![more]


Nepal - Trekking through heaven and hell - a 13-day endurance test

Bina and Martin from Travelletics describe their latest adventures from mountainous Nepal[more]


Red Lentil and Coconut Milk Soup

A journey to India: Red lentil and coconut soup - by Lena Fuchs - try it out![more]


Asparagus and Avocado Salad with Parmesan Cheese

A new tasty version of an Asparagus and Avocado Salad - by Lena Fuchs[more]


Sri Lanka - Bina and Martin from Travelletics embark on their fitness travels

Bina and Martin have set themselves 365 days to discover the world. Along their travels they will combine fitness, healthy eating and a good dose of culture. [more]


Breakfast Muffins: Fresh blueberries, banana and dried apples

Start your day the right way with the healthy Breakfast Muffins - by Lena Fuchs[more]


Balance is the Key - Fitness Blogger Steffi Höring

Today Steffi, our passionate fitness blog writer, chats to us from the comfort of her sewing basket [more]


Energy boosting and thirst quenching: Green tea as the ideal source of nutrients for all sportspeople

Sportspeople are always on the look-out for the right drink to rebalance the body’s fluids and to provide the right nutrients. Alongside water, coffee and isotonic drinks, grabbing a tea before a workout can act as a...[more]


Cross-country skiing in Austria: The Berghasen check out the Nordic trails in the Salzburg region

The bitterly cold January days with fabulous powder snow were followed this week by a period of warmer weather with scattered rain. The conditions in the mountains? No longer ideal. The snow was wet and heavy. So the Berghasen,...[more]


FITAPP 2 million downloads

This is incredible!…Very shortly, we’ll be celebrating our 2 millionth FITAPP download! We are extremely proud of our soon-to-be 2 million users. We love being able to support you with our Fitness App, helping you to get, or...[more]


Healthy comfort food for those cold, snuggle-up days!

We know a fantastic healthy and delicious recipe to help you combat the icy temperatures outside: Vegetable curry with cashew nuts and spelt rice.Lena from invented this vitamin-rich warming recipe for all...[more]


Berghasen on tour in a winter wonderland

A little to the south of Salzburg rises an unprepossessing peak. The ‘Berghasen’ love to set their sights on the Schlenken (1,648m) in all four seasons. The Berghasen, otherwise known as Vroni and Susi, are two sports...[more]


Facebook Competition – Terms and Conditions

In order to enter this FITAPP GmbH competition, all entrants must get involved by interacting on Facebook according to the posting within 36 hours after FITAPP posted the competition. Competition entries to be made between the...[more]


From Zero to Hero: The incredible life of ultra-runner and extreme athlete Andreas Ropin

‘I’m colourful’ jokes the 37 year old from Bruck an der Mur, who has just finished third in his class (M35) and 21st overall in the Graz Marathon. This bundle of muscles really is colourful. His tattoos are mostly traces of his...[more]


How to track your FITAPP hikes even with low battery?

Who doesn’t know the problem: Spending several days on the mountain. You take some of your gadgets with you and want to track your performance. During your trip you check the route, take some nice pictures, check the altitude...[more]


Night Run Review: LUMA LED headband

Summer heat slowly goes by. After exhausting sessions in the sun runners are looking forward to refreshing temperatures. After all experience shows that many athletes prefer to take a step back when days get shorter and colder....[more]


Caffeine - Benefits in Sports Performance and Running

Do you know the benefits you may experience when you consume caffeine? These attributes effect your health in a positive way and on top of that they can also help you to improve your sports performance![more]


How to stay hydrated during your run.

The water represents about 60% to 70% of the human body, therefore it is essential to compensate hydric losses during and after a run.[more]


Austrian fitness app reaches 1.000.000 Downloads on Google Play Store

The Austrian app developer Daniel Wohlmuth, who currently lives in Graz, could establish his FITAPP on several App Stores. Daniel joined forces with Thomas Mühlbacher and together they founded a company.[more]


7 Foods that help to burn more calories

Many people believe that cutting down the calories is the only way to lose weight. What would you say if you can burn calories and lose a few extra pounds with the help of certain foods? [more]