Start your day the right way with the healthy Breakfast Muffins - by Lena Fuchs

Ingredients: (makes 12-15)• 300 g spelt flour• 3 tsp baking powder• 2-3 tbsp oats• 1 tbsp chia seeds• 1/2 tsp cinnamon• 50 g roughly chopped nuts (hazelnuts, almonds etc.)• 100 ml maple syrup• 2 tbsp honey• 1 egg• 300 ml...[more]


Balance is the Key - Fitness Blogger: Steffi Höring

Balance is the KeyAt 36, I‘m definitely not your stereotypical fitness blogger, immaculate and without a wrinkle in sight, spending their free time posting (staged) Instagram photos. For me, that’s not what sport is about. For...[more]


Energy boosting and thirst quenching: Green tea as the ideal source of nutrients for all sportspeople

Sportspeople are always on the look-out for the right drink to rebalance the body’s fluids and to provide the right nutrients. Alongside water, coffee and isotonic drinks, grabbing a tea before a workout can act as a...[more]


Cross-country skiing in Austria: The Berghasen check out the Nordic trails in the Salzburg region

The bitterly cold January days with fabulous powder snow were followed this week by a period of warmer weather with scattered rain. The conditions in the mountains? No longer ideal. The snow was wet and heavy. So the Berghasen,...[more]


FITAPP 2 million downloads

This is incredible!…Very shortly, we’ll be celebrating our 2 millionth FITAPP download! We are extremely proud of our soon-to-be 2 million users. We love being able to support you with our Fitness App, helping you to get, or...[more]


Healthy comfort food for those cold, snuggle-up days!

We know a fantastic healthy and delicious recipe to help you combat the icy temperatures outside: Vegetable curry with cashew nuts and spelt rice.Lena from invented this vitamin-rich warming recipe for all...[more]


Berghasen on tour in a winter wonderland

A little to the south of Salzburg rises an unprepossessing peak. The ‘Berghasen’ love to set their sights on the Schlenken (1,648m) in all four seasons. The Berghasen, otherwise known as Vroni and Susi, are two sports...[more]


Facebook Competition – Terms and Conditions

In order to enter this FITAPP GmbH competition, all entrants must get involved by interacting on Facebook according to the posting within 36 hours after FITAPP posted the competition. Competition entries to be made between the...[more]


From Zero to Hero: The incredible life of ultra-runner and extreme athlete Andreas Ropin

‘I’m colourful’ jokes the 37 year old from Bruck an der Mur, who has just finished third in his class (M35) and 21st overall in the Graz Marathon. This bundle of muscles really is colourful. His tattoos are mostly traces of his...[more]


How to track your FITAPP hikes even with low battery?

Who doesn’t know the problem: Spending several days on the mountain. You take some of your gadgets with you and want to track your performance. During your trip you check the route, take some nice pictures, check the altitude...[more]


Night Run Review: LUMA LED headband

Summer heat slowly goes by. After exhausting sessions in the sun runners are looking forward to refreshing temperatures. After all experience shows that many athletes prefer to take a step back when days get shorter and colder....[more]


Caffeine - Benefits in Sports Performance and Running

Do you know the benefits you may experience when you consume caffeine? These attributes effect your health in a positive way and on top of that they can also help you to improve your sports performance![more]


How to stay hydrated during your run.

The water represents about 60% to 70% of the human body, therefore it is essential to compensate hydric losses during and after a run.[more]


Austrian fitness app reaches 1.000.000 Downloads on Google Play Store

The Austrian app developer Daniel Wohlmuth, who currently lives in Graz, could establish his FITAPP on several App Stores. Daniel joined forces with Thomas Mühlbacher and together they founded a company.[more]


7 Foods that help to burn more calories

Many people believe that cutting down the calories is the only way to lose weight. What would you say if you can burn calories and lose a few extra pounds with the help of certain foods? [more]